Las Vegas, Nevada Medical Billing & Coding Program

Classes start on March 21, 2016

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Do you like working with numbers and data? Do you want to work in healthcare, but not in patient care? If you can answer yes to those questions, you should consider studying the Medical Billing & Coding certificate program at our Carrington College Las Vegas campus.

Our Las Vegas Medical Billing & Coding program can provide you with the skills you’ll need to help you play an important role in today’s evolving healthcare industry. Medical Billing & Coding professionals are responsible for the records that track information on patients’ medical histories, symptoms, X-rays, lab test results, and more. They also key in the data that creates revenue for medical facilities, which is what makes them a valued part of a front office team.

If you’re trying to find a Medical Billing & coding school in Las Vegas, NV, then consider studying Medical Billing & Coding at Carrington College:

  • The Las Vegas program culminates in a Certificate of Achievement in Medical Billing & Coding
  • Build your confidence and skills in a real world clinical environment during an externship
  • The program mixes theoretical study and hands-on practice to prepare students for entry-level MBC roles
  • Students can learn the necessary skills to help them get started in a career as a Medical Billing specialist

A practical Medical Billing & Coding program in Las Vegas, NV

Students on our Las Vegas Medical Billing & Coding program can learn how to interpret medical records, how to code information for submission to insurance companies, and how to prepare claims forms using the insurance software. The hands-on classes in this program also teach students human anatomy, medical terminology, and offer an understanding of the ethical, legal and regulatory requirements expected in medical records management.

Successful graduates of our Las Vegas Medical Billing & Coding school should leave Carrington College with the skills and the confidence to:

  • Process insurance billing and claims
  • Carry out medical coding duties and clerical tasks
  • Communicate with colleagues, patients, and visitors professionally and politely
  • Display their critical thinking and information management skills

Enroll in our Las Vegas Medical Billing & Coding Program today  

If you’d like to work in the healthcare industry, but just not with patients, talk to a Carrington College Enrollment Services Representative today about working towards a Medical Billing & Coding certificate in Las Vegas, NV.

Medical Billing & Coding Classes at our Las Vegas campus will begin soon, so contact the Carrington College Las Vegas campus today.