Medical Administrative Assistant Program in Citrus Heights, CA

Classes start on March 21, 2016

Gainful Employment Disclosures

*Formerly known as the Health Care Administration program.

Would you like to learn the specialist skills and knowledge needed to coordinate, plan, direct, and supervise the delivery of health care in a medical front office?  Every Citrus Heights medical organization needs an efficient front office; it’s the nerve center of the practice.

The Medical Administrative Assistant program, available at our Citrus Heights campus, provides students with the opportunity to learn the skills needed for entry level Medical Administrative Assistant positions in hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, or medical, dental, or other health-related front offices. With experience graduates may go on to use their unique skills as specialists running clinical departments, or as generalists in charge of entire facilities or systems.

If you’re looking at medical administrative assisting schools in Citrus Heights, add us to your list because:

  • Our Citrus Heights Medical Administrative Assistant program culminates in either a Certificate of Achievement or an Associate of Science degree
  • Students gain valuable hands-on experience in the field performing an externship in or around Citrus Heights
  • The program is a mix of classroom instruction and practical experience
  • Our Citrus Heights faculty equip graduates with the skills and confidence to perform the duties expected of an entry level starter

Learn your Medical Administrative Assistant skills in Citrus Heights

Our Citrus Heights certificate and associate degree program covers various administrative assisting skills, which include essential office competencies, medical law and ethics, and medical terminology. Students focus on medical billing and coding, bookkeeping, medical records management, and other office management responsibilities, such as human resources, physician scheduling, and space planning. They can also gain expertise in office software and communication strategies.

Successful graduates of our Citrus Heights Medical Administrative Assistant program should leave Carrington College with the skills and confidence to:

  • Take on the responsibilities associated with coordinating front office activities
  • Perform clerical and bookkeeping duties in a medical front office
  • Securely control, update and maintain patient records
  • Confidently utilize all automated systems used in a medical office
  • Demonstrate their enhanced communication, critical thinking, and information management skills

Be prepared Citrus Heights – Medical Administrative Assisting is evolving

Medical Administrative Assistants need to keep up with technology advances; healthcare is a fast changing and continually evolving industry. New delivery systems, technological innovations, ever-changing regulations; these are just a few of the areas that Administrators need to be prepared for.

Graduates of our Citrus Heights Medical Administrative Assistant program should leave us ready to take on the challenges that entry-level starters regularly deal with in a health care front office. Are you up to the challenge? Why not discuss your options with a Carrington College Enrollment Services Representative today because Medical Administrative Assistant classes will be enrolling soon at our Citrus Heights campus.