Boise, Idaho Medical Billing and Coding Program

Classes start on February 8, 2016

Gainful Employment Disclosures

Medical Billing & Coding professionals use their skills to ensure that medical data and patient records are carefully updated and maintained; that’s why students on our Boise Medical Billing & Coding program must be well organized with an eye for detail. These healthcare professionals also input the patient data used to generate revenue for the doctor’s office or hospital, which is why they are valued members of a front office team.

If you are looking for Medical Billing and Coding schools in Boise, Idaho, then consider Carrington College because:

  • Our Boise program combines theory and practice to prepare you for an entry-level Medical Billing & Coding role
  • An externship in a clinical environment in Boise will allow you to build your confidence
  • You can gain the training you need to help you excel in a career as a Medical Billing & Coding specialist

Boise students, who are interested in working in healthcare but not directly with patients, should think about our Medical Billing & Coding associate degree and/or certificate program because it can give them the chance to develop the skills needed to play an important role in the modern healthcare industry.

The skills add up on our Boise Medical Billing & Coding program

Our Boise Medical Billing & Coding classes teach students a number of skills that are vital to help them succeed as a Medical Billing & Coding specialists. Students learn how to utilize software to prepare health insurance claims forms; they gain an understanding of human anatomy, medical terminology, and the legal, ethical and regulatory standards expected in medical records management.

Our Boise Medical Billing & Coding faculty can teach students to interpret medical records accurately, and then to document and code the information that is submitted to insurance companies. Successful graduates of the Medical Billing & Coding program at our Carrington College Boise, ID campus should have the skills and the confidence to:

  • Perform medical coding
  • Process medical insurance billing and claims
  • Carry out office tasks
  • Communicate with colleagues, patients and visitors in a professional manner
  • Display their proficiency in critical thinking and information management

Medical Billing & Coding – Your career could start in Boise, ID

Medical Billing & Coding professionals play a vital role in the modern healthcare industry because they take responsibility for data that tracks patients’ symptoms, medical histories, X-rays and laboratory test results; they also input the billing records that produces revenue for their medical office or hospital.

Boise Medical Billing & Coding classes will be enrolling soon at Carrington College; so if you’d like to work in the medical field, just not with patients, talk to a Carrington College Enrollment Services Representative about a Medical Billing & Coding education that could change your future for the better.