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The field of medical laboratory technology is well suited to people who are detail oriented and assertive. Since the care that physicians provide is often determined by test results, laboratory technicians must be able to work efficiently to ensure that patients get the relief they need. So if you’re someone who thrives under pressure and wants to play a vital role connecting lab tests with treatment plans, you should consider Carrington College®’s Medical Laboratory Technician program.

Our Medical Laboratory Technician Associate of Science degree program was developed to help you acquire the knowledge, understanding and skills you’ll need to pursue a career in a hospital or independent laboratory. During the course of this 22-month program you can:

  • Attend a combination of classroom lectures and hands-on laboratory instruction
  • Learn to perform various lab procedures and report outcomes
  • Learn to assist physicians in the determination of appropriate treatment plans
  • Gain real-world experience through an externship at an approved clinical laboratory

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With an education in medical laboratory technology, you can pursue a wide variety of positions in the dynamic field of healthcare. Graduates are able to work in hospitals, reference laboratories, research laboratories and forensic laboratories. If you choose to continue your education, you can pursue a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Clinical Laboratory Science, which can prepare you to take the American Society of Clinical Pathologists certification exam to become a Medical Laboratory Scientist.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts that as the volume of laboratory tests continues to increase with population growth and the development of new types of tests, “Employment of Medical and Clinical Laboratory Technicians is expected to grow by 22% between 2012 and 2022.”1

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To prepare you for the range of responsibilities you may assume as an entry-level medical lab technician, the Medical Laboratory Technician program at Carrington College provides a broad base of knowledge. As you learn the importance of the human body in laboratory functions, you will cover topics including anatomy and physiology, phlebotomy, microbiology, hematology and urinalysis. Your curriculum will also cover disease states that are the result of chemical reactions within the body and pathogens you may encounter in the laboratory setting. The final phase includes a clinical component where you can put all that you’ve learned to use in an actual clinical lab.

After completing the Medical Laboratory Technician program at Carrington College you should possess the skills, expertise and confidence necessary to:

  • Conduct tests that aid physicians in the detection, diagnosis and treatment of disease
  • Examine and analyze bodily fluids for testing
  • Draw blood samples for testing
  • Assess chemical components of urine for testing
  • Match blood types for transfusions
  • Test for drug levels in blood that show how a patient is responding to treatment
  • Demonstrate proficiency in critical thinking and information management

To learn more about educational and career opportunities as a Medical Laboratory Technician, contact one of our Enrollment Services Representatives.

Please note that some states also require medical laboratory technicians to be licensed or registered; information on licensure is available from your State Department of Health or a Board of Occupational Licensing.