President’s Message

President's MessageWelcome to Carrington College® California. Whether you’ve already applied or are just beginning to consider it, you’ve taken an important step toward making a change and reaching your goals.

Every day that I walk through our doors, I see amazing things happen. I see individuals realize, maybe for the first time, that their potential is limitless. I see faculty sharing their passions and doing what it takes to help students succeed. In addition, I witness the pride on the faces of successful graduates as they head off to pursue their dreams.

As I’m sure you know, there are many educational options out there today. Some are easy, some are fast, but I believe the most important factor to consider is commitment. At Carrington College California, you’ve found a place committed to what’s most important—you.

When you need support, you can get it. When you need encouragement, you can find it. We believe that’s the best way to prepare you for a career that can have a positive impact on people and their communities.

I wish you great success on your path ahead and hope that Carrington College California can play a part in all you will achieve.

Jeff Akens