Evolution of Web Design – Infographic

Websites have come a long way in the last ten years but remember when websites were neon green, with text in all caps and the hyperlinks in blue?   Read on to see where the tablet-ready internet we know today came from, and what recent developments mean for the future of web design.

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Evolution of web design

[Via: Carrington College’s Online Graphic Design Program]

9 thoughts on “Evolution of Web Design – Infographic

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  3. Beautiful inforgraphic! Web design has came a long ways. I remember when everything was just text. Things are great and only going to get better.

  4. Concept89 | Web Design Alton

    Awesome visualisation!! Where will web design head next?!

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  6. Concept89

    The visualisation above is fantastic! I take my had off to whoever designed it!

  7. Web Marketing Experts

    Great post. Awesome. just thinking what the next will be?

  8. Nice graphics. I remember my first browsing experience on AOL’s browser using only their search. haha!

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