7 Tips To Improve Your Financial Responsibility

Personal Budget

As a recent Carrington graduate, you know how important a good education and hard work are to your future, but are you aware of how important financial knowledge and responsibility are to your future success?
A lack of financial awareness can lead to financial challenges, including:


New medical coding standards are a long time coming

Medical coding standards will completely change when ICD-10 is implemented.

The medical coding profession is going to see a complete overhaul with the implementation of ICD-10. The collection of disease codes is set to replace the current standard, ICD-9 no earlier than Oct. 1, 2015. This new deadline is the result of the latest in a series of delays that have been…

How to Use Social Media in Health Care: Q&A with Practicing Physician Kevin Pho

In May we launched a new series! Each month we are interviewing a leading expert who will help you prepare for your future career in health care.
For this month’s Q&A we spoke with Kevin Pho, founder and editor of KevinMD.com, a blog that shares stories and insights from those working in the…

Sleep benefits memory

Sleep to promote memory storage.

Staying up until dawn to cram in some last-minute studying? Pulling an all-nighter before a big exam? Working late to get your pharmacy technician certificate? Congratulations, that type of dedication to your studies will assuredly help you achieve success, but don’t skip out on a good night’s…

TV’s best nurse characters

Certain shows portray nursing much better than others.

Considering a career in nursing? For many, the first exposure they get to the nursing profession is through media depictions of the career on television shows, though these depictions may not be the most accurate. Before heading off to enroll in a nursing program, take a look at a few of the…

Invisible Scars : National PTSD Awareness Month Shines Spotlight on Devastating Psychological Disorder

PTSD and Veterans

Every Monday evening in Nampa, Idaho, a group of twenty veterans gather to share stories and support. The men range in age from grizzled Vietnam warriors to young soldiers who have just returned from Afghanistan. On the night they invited me to visit, their leader and Warrior Pointe founder,…

Graduation Tips – 7 Interview Questions You May Face

Carrington Graduates

If your graduation is just around the corner, congratulations! You’re about ready to start your career!
You’ve probably already been working with your Carrington College campus Career Services team to develop a striking resume and improve your interview skills. But one of the best things to do…