Use these breathing exercises to relax

Use these breathing exercises to reduce your stress level during finals week.

The last few weeks of each semester in college can be stressful, particularly if you happen to be a senior and graduation is looming: there are tests to study for, jobs to apply for, packing to do and certification exams to take. If the stress is starting to get to you, one simple way you can…

How to find a last-minute summer internship

Use these strategies to find a last-minute internship this summer.

Picture this scenario: The semester is ending and you have no plans for the summer. You’ve secured a part-time job, but really want to use this time to gain career experience. How can you find an internship at the last minute? While the situation is certainly difficult, it’s not impossible to…

How to prep for college this summer

After receiving your high school diploma, use this summer to prepare for college.

For many high school seniors about to don their caps and gowns and walk across the graduation stage, this summer will mean more than time spent by the pool or working part-time jobs - it also means preparing for college. There’s plenty to do over the next few months as you get ready to embark…

Mother’s Day: Stockton’s Mother-Daughter Duo

Faith and April

My mom, April, and I didn’t always expect that our paths would lead us toward the same direction, all the way to Carrington College California’s Stockton Campus. I wasn’t sure that I wanted to continue my education and my mom didn’t necessarily plan to. But because she was my first…

Pros and cons of moving back in with your parents

There are both pros and cons to moving back in with your parents after college.

While it’s becoming more common for jobless college graduates to move back in with their parents after earning their degrees, even those who have been able to score entry-level positions in their fields of choice are entertaining the idea.
PRO: Save money
A huge reason why many college grads…

Inexpensive activities for a rainy day

If it looks like rain, use these inexpensive activities to occupy your time.

Rainy days can be a bit of a drag when all you want to do is be outside, but now that classes have ended for the semester you’ll be able to use that extra time to do something fun! After throwing on your rain boots and getting in some good puddle-splashing time like you did when you were a kid,…

05/12 was Mother’s Day!

Mothers Day

Did you forget Mother’s Day yesterday? We hope not! If it did slip your mind then unfortunately you may have a lot of making up to do!
A gift or flowers would have been nice, but your mom knows you’re at school and on a tight budget so that’s ok; but no card, not even a phone call? Ouch – She…