Starting salaries on the rise

Starting salaries for new college grads are improving.

Graduating seniors in the class of 2013 will have a distinct advantage in the job market over their 2012 peers: higher starting salaries.
According to a survey from the National Association of Colleges and Employers, college graduates entering the workforce this year will have an average…

Department Spotlight – Carrington College California Enrollment Services

Enrollment Services

For many students the thought of enrolling at a college may seem like a scary process, but at Carrington College California we have a dedicated Enrollment Services Team to take you through the process. At every campus, the goal of Enrollment Services is to make the entire process as simple and…

Bucket list for college seniors

Check these items off your bucket list before graduation.

Graduation is looming, and college seniors are likely starting to combat a bout of nostalgia in addition to the more traditional strain of senioritis. As the weather warms and you prepare to don your cap and gown, now is the time to embrace everything you love about college before you have to…

How to fit everything in your carry-on suitcase

You can fit everything you need for your vacation in a carry-on bag.

With summer vacation approaching, whether you’re just about to enter college or are taking a break from a semester of difficult classes, you’re probably thinking about using those precious months of freedom to do a bit of traveling. If you plan on taking an extended trip – as in, one longer than…

How to get around town without a car

Try these alternative ways of getting to class without a car.

When you’re a college student on a budget, sometimes having a car is simply not an option. Not only are they expensive to purchase, but when you factor in high gas prices and the costs of insurance, maintenance and parking, sometimes it’s just more than your bank account can handle….

The best cities for new college graduates

If you're looking for a change of scene post-graduation, check out these cities.

With college graduation approaching, if you haven’t scored your dream job already you’re probably thinking about moving to a new city anyway. What’s more exciting than a fresh start? Because you have a college degree you’re already ahead of the game, but if you’re looking for a bit of a boost in…

Economic gains may improve job market for college grads

The job outlook is looking much better for 2013 college graduates than it has in recent years.

With graduation day quickly approaching, many college seniors may be wondering whether the United States’ recent economic gains will have a positive impact on their ability to find a job after receiving their diplomas.
The answer? Maybe. Although the Class of 2013 is facing an unemployment rate…