Cover Letter “How-To”

Cover Letter Oops

What is a “Cover Letter” anyway, and why do I need one?
A cover letter is an introduction that is sent along with your resume that provides additional information about you and your qualifications, and how those items match what the employer is looking for, per the job description. …

Make the Most of Public Transportation

Public Transport

Did you know that most Carrington College campuses have excellent connections to public transportation systems?
Many of our campuses have convenient locations with bus stops right next to the campus, or at least a short walk away. Students at our Portland, OR, campus are very lucky; the campus…

Campus Spotlight – San Leandro, CA

San Leandro Campus

San Leandro, CA, a city of about 85,000, is located on the eastern shore of San Francisco Bay, between Oakland to the northwest and Hayward to the southeast. The Carrington College California San Leandro campus covers 38,000 square feet with facilities designed to help students accomplish their…

Employer Spotlight – Rural/Metro Corporation

Rural Metro

Most of the students and graduates that we talk with for our newsletter ‘Spotlights’ elect to come to Carrington College because they want to learn a set of skills to prepare for a new career. From time to time we talk with businesses that hire our graduates; it helps you understand what they’re…

Graduate Spotlight – Meet Andrea Torres

Andrea Torres

Andrea is a recent graduate of the Dental Assisting program at our Carrington College Albuquerque campus. Andrea started the program in March 2012 and graduated in January this year.
Born & raised in Bosque Farms, a community just south of Albuquerque, NM, Andrea is a single mom to Xavier, her…

Seven tips to increase your happiness

Follow these tips to increase your overall happiness.

If you’re finding that winter’s gray skies and freezing weather have got you down, you’re not alone: According to the American Academy of Family Physicians, between 4 and 6 percent of the population suffers from Seasonal Affective Disorder. Instead of hiding inside of your apartment for the…

What to wear to your first job interview

Follow these tips to put together a great interview outfit.

You may have a fantastic resume and winning personality, but if you show up to your first job interview in jeans and a sweatshirt, it’s pretty likely that it won’t end well. To increase your chances of success, use these tips to avoid committing an interview fashion faux pas:
1. Scope out the…