In My Words – Felicia Perea


Felicia Perea is a student in the Dental Assisting Certificate of Achievement program at the Carrington College Albuquerque campus in New Mexico. Felicia shared her story in our Albuquerque campus newsletter back in July; her story is so inspirational, we thought you’d all like to read…

Campus Spotlight – Phoenix Campuses

Carrington College Phoenix Campuses

There’s no getting away from the fact that Phoenix, AZ, is a big city – big enough for two Carrington College campuses - Phoenix Westside and Phoenix - split over three locations. Did you know that:

Phoenix covers more than 519 square miles making it larger than the City of Los Angeles?

Advice for male nurses

More men are choosing to become nurses.

While nursing has historically been seen as a field primarily embraced by women, more men than ever before are choosing to take this health care career path thanks to the relatively high pay and even higher demand for people who have completed a registered nursing program.1
In fact, the rate of…

4 Jobs For People Interested In Working With Animals

There are tons of jobs available for animal lovers.

Do you love animals? Have you always wanted to get paid for working with animals? There are a ton of amazing animal jobs available for people who just can’t get enough of those furry creatures. Whether you plan on going to veterinary technician school or want to start a small dog-walking…

Don’t Post Anything You Could Regret

Watch what you post on social media

It’s becoming more and more common for employers to check out the social media profiles of job applicants to get an insight into the person behind the resume. The problem is that in this age of smart phones and tablets with instant internet access, it’s all too easy to post, plus, tweet or…

Spotlight on: Respiratory therapists

Have you considered becoming a respiratory therapist?

If you want to work in health care but aren’t sure that a nursing career is right for you, perhaps you should consider completing a respiratory care program. Respiratory therapists use their skills to help people who have trouble breathing and work with everyone from infants to senior citizens.1…

What to look for in a pharmacy technology program

What should you consider when choosing a pharmacy technician program?

Have you ever considered becoming a pharmacy technician (pharm tech)? It’s a great career for people who have strong customer-service skills and are detail-oriented. After all, pharmacy technicians are responsible for filling prescriptions, which must be done correctly. If working behind the…