How the government shutdown is affecting college students

The government shutdown impacted most people around the country, including many college students.

The shutdown of the federal government is having many effects beyond political turmoil.1 For college students and young people, the ramifications are more widespread than they might initially seem.
Student loan rates will potentially be affected, popular leisure and educational attractions have…

I’m gone: A look at why young people quit their jobs

If your job is making you miserable, quitting might not be the worst option - as long as you have a plan.

Who hasn’t thought, at one time or another, about quitting their job? Maybe your boss has been unfair to you, or a client was overly¬†demanding, or you simply had a dream about living on a beach somewhere and selling pina coladas to tourists.
Whatever your reason for fantasizing about quitting,…

Faculty Spotlight – Meet Susan Yeaman

Susan Yeaman College Faculty

Susan Yeaman, MA, B.A., is a Medical Assisting Instructor at our Carrington College California San Leandro campus. Susan is incredibly knowledgeable in her field, and a very experienced teacher; she’s been a part of our Carrington family for more than nine years, and has worked in medical…

Happy Halloween!

Halloween at Sacramento Campus

One¬† of our favorite holidays of the year at Carrington College California is just around the corner! Just like past years, we’re sure that many of our faculty, staff and students are really going to get into the Halloween spirit again later this month.
We usually see some amazing costumes and…

Extern Site Spotlight – Jefferson Dental Clinics

Jefferson Dental Clinics

Jefferson Dental Clinics (JDC) is a premier provider of dental services in Texas, and a valued partner of our Carrington College Mesquite campus. Established in 1967, with 41 dental centers in Dallas/Fort Worth and Houston, Jefferson Dental offers a full range of general dental and orthodontic…

Alumni Spotlight – Meet Emma Parkerson

Student Emma Parkerson

Emma Parkerson earned her Certificate of Achievement in Medical Assisting at our Carrington College Las Vegas campus. She graduated in June of this year and is now enjoying working two jobs in the medical field – one part-time and one full-time!
Emma, aged 21, was awarded the Nevada Millennium…

Graduate Spotlight – Meet Megan Beckle

Student Megan Beckle

Megan Beckle, aged 34, is a mom, a wife, and a medical assistant. She started the Medical Assisting program at our San Jose campus on November 6th 2012, and graduated July 27th this year. This is an inspiring story of a long-time stay-at-home mom who knew it was time to go back to…