Technology may be the cause of surgery errors

Technology often accounts for surgery errors, according to a new study.

Surgeons and surgical technologists do everything they can to make sure that operations go smoothly, but a new study shows that sometimes technology may be at fault for operating room errors.
According to LiveScience, approximately 15 errors occur during a typical operation, and nearly…

Study: There’s a right way to talk to kids about obesity

A new study shows the best way to talk to adolescents about obesity.

One of the primary jobs of people in medical assistant careers is to help physicians with patient examinations.1 As a result, it’s important that, just like doctors and nurses, they are aware of any widespread health issues that the American population is facing. Lately, that has meant one…

New York City set to raise legal smoking age

With proposed new age limits, New York City aims to make it more difficult for young people to gain access to tobacco products.

The detrimental health effects of smoking tobacco products have long been known.1 With that in mind, federal, state and local governments have tried any number of measures over the years to discourage people from smoking.
Raising taxes has been the most often used device in that effort, while…

Holiday health tips for college students

Staying healthy in the face of holiday feasts can be difficult.

As winter begins to set in, and the holidays roll around, it is more important than ever for college students to pay close attention to their health.
Between extra breaks from school, huge family meals and a possible penchant to be less active during the colder months, there are reasons aplenty…

How to get hired as a security guard

Do you have the qualities you need to be a security guard?

One of the many careers you can pursue with a criminal justice degree is that of being a security guard. The job itself takes many forms, from patrolling property to providing personal protection or corporate security. In general, security guards are expected to protect people and valuables…

Interview advice for pharmacy technicians

Set yourself up for pharmacy tech interview success with these tips.

Are you approaching the end of pharmacy technology school and concerned about the interviews you are about to face? While the situation can be nerve-wracking, landing an interview means you’ve already fought half the battle (they must have liked the looks of your resume – points for earning a…

Physical therapy can help cancer patients

Physical therapy assistants can help cancer patients reduce their pain.

Physical therapy can do more than help those who are are suffering from ill-timed workout injuries – it can also help cancer patients combat the pain that comes with fighting the terrible disease.
From chemotherapy to mastectomies and reconstructive surgeries, the steps that need to be taken…