Campus Spotlight – Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas Campus

Annette Kohberger is the Campus Administrative Coordinator at the Carrington College Las Vegas campus. Annette was kind enough to spend some time with me discussing life at one of our two Nevada campuses.
So let me ask you something very serious to start with… There is a perception, of course…

The total experience: tips for new college students

Make sure you take advantage of the social situation while you're in college.

Are you just starting college, or are you going back after taking a break? Well, as you might expect, there are many things for which you might not be prepared, and it’s important to start getting a handle on them right away in order to be as successful in your studies as possible.
Choosing a…

Campus Spotlight – Pomona, California

Carrington Colleage California Ponoma Campus

Our Carrington College California Pomona campus opened just a little over 3 years ago. In that short time, our Greater Los Angeles area campus has grown dramatically. Colleen Capitano, Executive Director, gave us a brief introduction to herself and the campus.
“I joined Carrington in 2011 as…

Time management skills for college students

Setting up a calendar is one of the best things you can do to improve your time management skills.

Time management is important in every endeavor, but that is especially true for college students. For many young people, college will be the first time they have to set and stick to their own schedule. And with other responsibilities like work or family factoring in as well, time management can…

Oklahoma dental assistants may need permits

Dental assistants in Oklahoma may soon be required to have permits.

While it’s true that dental assistants report to the dentists in whose offices they work, recent revelations in Oklahoma about the use of unsanitary equipment may soon lead to the Sooner State requiring all dental assistants to have permits.1
The office of Dr. W. Scott Harrington was found to…

Doctors urge parents to closely monitor their children’s social media time

Too much time spent on social media can be harmful for children.

When it comes to improving health outcomes among children and teenagers, the major issues discussed usually include things like vaccinations, a healthy diet and screening for common diseases. But a new policy statement from the American Academy of Pediatrics points to an issue you may not have…

Healthy living tips for nurses

Use these tips to stay healthy while working as a nurse.

While having a nursing career means you spend your time trying to improve the health and lives of others, you can’t do your job well if you are tired, sick or stressed. Nurses sometimes have to work long hours and stay on their feet,1 and if they don’t make their health a priority they could get…