Top stresses of health care workers

Working in health care is both stressful and rewarding.

According to the Chicago-based company ComPsych, workers in the health care industry are among the most stressed of any profession.1 That stress does come with a lot of positives – helping people, flexible hours, and solid pay and medical benefits – but recognizing and managing stress is still…

Be The Reason Someone Smiles Today


The Holiday Season is in full swing; we’re told this is the time of year to be generous in our giving with kindness in our hearts. Well that’s a wonderful sentiment, but as much as we’d all like to, not everyone has the financial capacity for giving, or the spare time for volunteering.
BUT – and…

Why Should You Volunteer During The Holidays?


Beloved comedian and actor Bob Hope once said “If you haven’t got any charity in your heart, you have the worst kind of heart trouble.”  Fortunately we live in a country filled with the most generous citizens in the world*. Here are some numbers that demonstrate your collective generosity#:


Health care jobs at blood drives

Blood drives are great career and volunteer opportunities for people who work in health care.

Whether it’s donating to patients in need of transfusions, providing for communities that have been ravaged by a natural disaster or simply making an effort to shore up supplies, blood drives are a great way for people to easily provide for the needy. And if you’re a health care professional,…

Student Spotlight – Meet Shanandrea Tripp

Student Shanandrea Tripp

Born and raised in San Lorenzo, CA, Shanandrea, 30, and fiancé David are getting married next summer. Shanandrea is step-mom to two daughters – Aricela, 10, and Angelina, aged 16. Shanandrea enrolled with us in April this year; she’ll complete her Medical Billing & Coding (MBC) program in…

Share Your Success


Success comes in many forms. As Carrington College students, you all measure your own personal success in completely different ways. Ask ten different students “What’s your biggest success?” and you’ll get ten different answers…

My biggest success to date is just going back to school


Prison health care offers opportunities for medical professionals

Prisons represent one of the fastest growing sectors for jobs in health care.

If you’ve recently earned a medical assisting degree and are looking for a job, or are considering entering a dental assisting program and are wondering what kinds of professional opportunities will await you upon graduation, there are several non-traditional options you may want to consider.