4 Best Careers for Shy People

Shy Careers

Are you shy? Choosing a career path when you’re an introvert can be a bit of a challenge because so many jobs require regular interaction with others – whether you work in sales, customers service or as a pharmacy technician. Being shy doesn’t mean you can’t have a successful career, it just…

Control your body language when talking to patients

Your body language can affect your ability to communicate with patients.

Whether you are well into your nursing career or are just beginning a job in medical assisting, it’s important to constantly be aware of your body language when interacting with patients. While what you say is certainly important, sometimes how you say it can be just as crucial when you are…

How to write a great objective statement

As you craft your resume, be sure to write a strong objective statement.

As you craft your resume to apply for your first dental or medical assisting position, you may want to consider including an objective statement at the top. While it’s fallen out of fashion in recent years, the inclusion of an objective statement can be beneficial for people who are seeking…

ASPIRE Student Assistance

Aspire - DeComplicate DeStress

Carrington students… have you taken advantage of the ASPIRE program yet?
Your well-being is important to us.  For that reason, Carrington College and Carrington College California launched ASPIRE two years ago, a comprehensive and confidential* Student Assistance Program powered by ACI…

How to write a professional email

Professional Student

Whether you are pursuing a nursing career or work in a veterinary office, it’s imperative that you know how to write a professional email. This is a skill that will not only help you during your job search, but will also make sure that you present yourself in a manner that demonstrates your…

How the government shutdown is affecting college students

The government shutdown impacted most people around the country, including many college students.

The shutdown of the federal government is having many effects beyond political turmoil.1 For college students and young people, the ramifications are more widespread than they might initially seem.
Student loan rates will potentially be affected, popular leisure and educational attractions have…

I’m gone: A look at why young people quit their jobs

If your job is making you miserable, quitting might not be the worst option - as long as you have a plan.

Who hasn’t thought, at one time or another, about quitting their job? Maybe your boss has been unfair to you, or a client was overly demanding, or you simply had a dream about living on a beach somewhere and selling pina coladas to tourists.
Whatever your reason for fantasizing about quitting,…