The Surprising Things Your Teeth Reveal About You

What do your teeth say about you

Sometimes we forget how much we reveal about ourselves when we smile. Not only do we communicate happiness or sociability, but we also convey a lot about our way of living.

New Alzheimer’s research is next step on road to a cure

New understanding of how Alzheimer's disease works could lead to breakthroughs in its treatment.

Alzheimer’s disease has long plagued older people, their families and the medical establishment. But some recent findings from a group of scientists in Wales, which were published in the journal Nature Genetics,1 are shedding new light on the illness. What they’ve discovered could lead to…

New mandate for animal dentistry

New rules are set to take effect that will change the way animals are treated during dental procedures.

Recently, the American Animal Hospital Association announced a rule mandating that all AAHA-accredited veterinary hospitals and those seeking accreditation from the organization anesthetize and intubate all dental patients.1 The announcement builds on the AAHA’s recommendations contained in its…

Tips for talking to your college professor

Not being afraid to talk to your professors is one of the most effective ways to ensure your success in college.

One of the best ways to ensure your success in college is to have no fear when it comes to asking teachers questions. Many college students, especially new ones, feel intimidated by their professors, afraid that by asking them questions they might not appear to be capable students. But in fact,…

How to manage your schoolwork while in college

Properly managing your schoolwork is key to finding success in college.

For college students, finding effective ways to manage the workload is essential to a successful academic career. And that sentiment rings especially true for students who have added pressures outside school, like jobs or family responsibilities.
Here are some schoolwork management tips that can…

5 holiday health tips

Employ these five simple tips to make this holiday season the healthiest one of your life.

The holidays are probably the most difficult time of the year to maintain a healthy lifestyle. With colder weather setting in, plenty of large family meals taking place and all of the tasty treats designed specifically for that time of the year, the temptation to indulge is everywhere.
And it’s…

4 Best jobs for people who want to help others

If you want to help people, think about pursuing one of these careers.

If your goal in life is to make a difference in the world, then you’ll want to find a career that allows you to help others. From nonprofits to health care, there are plenty of job opportunities that enable you to serve members of the community, you just need to know where to begin. Of course…