Veterinary Medicine Mobility Act passes through Congress

Vets could soon be able to mobilize their business to help animals more easily.

The U.S Senate has passed the most recent version of the Veterinary Medicine Mobility Act, bringing veterinarians nearer to the possibility of being able to carry and administer controlled substances outside of their practices. The bill was passed by the House of Representatives a week…

Alumni Spotlight – Meet Mary Rose – Medical Assisting Graduate

Mary Rose - MA Graduate

Mary Rose, aged 19, recently graduated from the Medical Assisting (MA) program at the Carrington Citrus Heights campus.
Mary completed her externship in April, then walked the stage and got her first job at a doctor’s office in June.
Thanks for your time Mary; tell us how you found your job.

New research offers insight into early childhood tooth decay

Make sure young children are protecting their teeth.

Early childhood caries is a painful form of tooth decay that plagues young children. If severe enough, ECC can require a surgical procedure to rectify. As such, it is important for parents of young children to take the necessary cautionary steps to prevent the development of this harmful…

Researchers discover link between mental stress and physical health

Stress levels increase white blood cell counts.

Scientists have long been aware of the fact that elevated stress levels pose serious health risks to the human body. However, past attempts to characterize exactly how stress hurts individual well-being have left medical professionals scratching their heads. Stress was often warned against in a…

Staying current on vaccinations


As the anti-vaccination movement becomes more popular in certain regions of the country, it is important for medical professionals to provide patients with a wide range of information on the benefits of vaccines. Rumors and conspiracy theories regarding vaccinations encourage some parents to shy…

A call for new antibiotics

Stronger antibiotics are one of the next big developments in medicine.

The emergence of superbugs could be a threat that alters the world of medicine as we know it, potentially throwing our society back into the Dark Ages. Fear not though, advancements in antibiotics are taking on these continually evolving microscopic monsters. As humans continue to fight…

10 Professional Health Care Social Media Tips

Kevin Pho

We recently sat down for a chat with Kevin Pho, an internal medicine physician who specializes in health care social media. He is the co-author of the book Establishing, Managing, and Protecting Your Online Reputation: A Social Media Guide for Physicians and Medical Practices.
Kevin is also the…