Back pain is found to be leading cause of disability worldwide

The demand for physical therapists will increase

Employment for physical therapists is expected to grow 36 percent between 2012 and 2022, a number that is triple the average growth rate of all other occupations.1 According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there will be a greater demand for professionals who have completed a medical assisting…

Faculty Spotlight – Meet Rochelle Brumley

Faculty Rochelle Brumley

Rochelle Brumley, MSN-FNP, RN is an Instructor and the acting Assistant Program Director of the LVN to RN Nursing Bridge Program at our Carrington College California Sacramento campus. Rochelle earned her bachelor’s degree in Nursing in 1992. She joined the Carrington family in 2009.
To get…

High Blood Pressure – The Facts

A Snapshot - Blood Pressure in the U.S.

May is recognized as National High Blood Pressure Education Month; it’s a great opportunity for health care professionals, and Carrington College students, to raise awareness, educate, and engage patients about the topic.
High blood pressure (HBP) is often called the “silent killer” because many…

Faculty Spotlight – Meet Corrinne Meyer

Faculty Spotlight - Corrinne Meyer & Dora

Corrinne Meyer has been an instructor at the Carrington College Reno, NV, campus for almost 5 years. Corrinne teaches two Human Anatomy & Physiology (A&P) classes to students on our Registered Nursing program; she has been an educator for 10 years.
Thanks for your time Corrinne, are you a…

My Starting Point – Mayra Ruiz Gallegos – Make Time

Mayra Ruiz Gallegos

It’s Mayra again! When I’m thinking about things to share that new students would find interesting, I try to come up with tips on things that I’d liked to have known when I started the Pharmacy Technology program back in October. That’s why this week I’m sharing my thoughts on managing your…

Pharmacists play a pivotal role in patients’ recovery

Pharmacists play an important role in keeping us healthy

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is a powerful way to recover from or avoid chronic illnesses.¬†According to the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention, it is much more cost-effective to prevent chronic diseases than to treat them after they occur. In fact¬†most chronic diseases could be…

How pets help people with depression

Pets can help people with depression

Every animal lover and pet owner understands the bond that is created when a furry friend enters their life. Many people consider their pets part of their family, and spare no expense making sure the animals are happy and healthy. That’s where veterinarians, vet techs and veterinary assistants…