My Starting Point – Chelsea Ruiz – Build A Routine and Ask For Help

Excited For School

Hi guys, Chelsea Ruiz here again with blog post number four; if you’ve read the previous three you’ll know that I’m enrolled on the Medical Assisting program at the Carrington College Tucson campus.
Get A Routine & Ask Questions
Two of the biggest things to learn in your first few weeks at…

How to become a registered nurse

Follow these tips for becoming a registered nurse.

Are you thinking about becoming a registered nurse? It’s a smart career move if you want to work in health care – employment for RNs is expected to grow by 26 percent between 2010 and 2020, which is 12 percent faster than average. Registered nurses are primarily responsible for providing and…

Study tips for aspiring medical assistants

As you prepare to take the certified medical assistant exam, use these study tips.

As you near the end of your medical assisting program, it’s time to start studying for the certified medical assistant exam offered by the American Association of Medical Students. While you don’t necessarily have to be certified in order to get hired, employers are more inclined to give you a…

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) – Invisible Scars

PTSD Infographic 839x382

When we sense danger, we instinctually experience fear. Fear triggers our body to prepare to defend ourselves against or evade from the danger. This so-called “fight-or-flight” response is a natural reaction meant to protect us. However, in people who suffer from post-traumatic stress…

My Starting Point – Mayra Ruiz Gallegos – Support Needed


Hello #Carringtonflock – It’s me again! This time I wanted to write a blog about how important it is to find support wherever you can for what you’re doing at school. This blog post is particularly important to me for two reasons; first I want to share my reasons why you need a support system,…

My Starting Point – Chelsea Ruiz – First Day Nerves

Student Blogger - Chelsea Ruiz

So this is my third blog post; if you’ve read my previous blogs you’ll know that I’m studying Medical Assisting at the Carrington College Tucson campus – if you’ve not read them – catch up here!
Not Much Sleep
That first morning, Monday March 10th, I was really nervous; honestly I didn’t sleep…

Take Control – How to Prevent High Blood Pressure

Some of the best jobs for millennials are in the field of health care.

If you read our post – High Blood Pressure – The Facts – you’ll know May is National High Blood Pressure Education Month. You’ll also know that elevated blood pressure can increase a patient’s risk for heart disease or other serious illness. But you can help patients take steps to keep their…