Not sure how what you learn in school translates to the “real world?” Here’s a quick look at how those good study habits you create during school will help you be successful on the job.

Medical assistants can be the heart of their office. Their job is to keep the office working. They do a bunch of things that help keep their office working at a productive and efficient level.

Going to school is stressful by itself, adding in the real world makes it even harder.

Is your daughter dying to be a ghost? Maybe your son is crazy about clowns? Whatever the costume, it’s your job to make sure it’s safe.

When you’re talking about your future, you probably think things are pretty wide open.

At Carrington College we love animals, and what better time to feature one of our Veterinary Technology students than during National Veterinary Technician Week! 

The students, faculty and staff at the Carrington College Las Vegas Campus worked hard to collect back to school items for the students at Charlotte Hill Elementary School.