Using social media to your educational and professional benefit

There are both pros and cons to deleting your Facebook account.

The use of social media has been blowing up in recent years, no longer used only for connecting with friends and family in your personal lives. Social media is being increasingly used in education and business, and it is becoming an almost integral part of our current culture.
One thing to keep…

There’s An App For That!

Mobile Apps

Just a couple of years ago the phrase ‘there’s an app for that’ was said almost jokingly, mocking the increasing proliferation of applications that could help you do pretty much anything…as long as you had a smart phone.
Now with the advent of tablets, increasingly sophisticated smart phone…

Should A Tablet Be On Your Holiday List?


Are you looking to take advantage of the holiday sales and buy a tablet? Perhaps, if you’re very lucky, you might have one on your holiday gift wish list, hoping a loved one might surprise you!
However, before you or someone that loves you spends hard earned cash on a new tablet, ask yourself if…

Gadgets! Are You An Early Adopter?


Unless you live in a cave, you couldn’t have missed the hysteria of the iPhone 5 launch a couple of weeks ago. People lining up outside Apple stores for hours and hours; a few of the more crazy ones camped out for days to make sure they were at the front of the line! Others offered people $500…

Is a tablet computer right for you?

is a tablet right for you

These days, everybody loves to show off their flashy electronic gadgets. From smartphones to tablets, it seems that going back to school has never been so high-tech. However, before you shell out for a new tablet, you may want to ask yourself if it will be money well-spent.
Examine your study…

Get Up Get Out – Live Life Offline!

Live Life Offline

It’s all too easy to live your life online these days; especially if you’re studying an online degree at Carrington College California. It’s true that everyone could use a little more time offline, it’s better for your health and your longevity.
We know that there are demands on your time and…

Tweeting during class? Try tweeting during commencement


Long gone are the days when college professors kindly asked students to turn off their cellphones and give their undivided attention during class. Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube have all tapped into higher education, providing an online environment where students and professors can engage in…