Technology is changing college life

Technology is changing college life.

For college students today, access to technology and all the advantages it affords may seem like a fact of life. Can you remember a time when the internet wasn’t your go-to research portal? Or when you didn’t have an app on your phone to help you remember the time of your next final…

College student invents gel that stops bleeding instantly

A gel that instantly stops bleeding may be available for veterinarians to use as early as this summer.

A college student in New York has invented a medical marvel straight out of a science fiction novel: A gel that can be applied to wounds to instantly stop bleeding.
It’s called Veti-Gel, and will be available for veterinary practices to use as early as this summer. Joe Landolina, 20, a junior at…

The pros and cons of deleting your Facebook

There are both pros and cons to deleting your Facebook account.

The age of Facebook has meant a lot of things: the proliferation of social media, the ability to catch up with old friends, the danger of seeing how happy your ex is with his new girlfriend. But do the pros of having a Facebook outweigh the cons? Keep this in mind as you contemplate whether or…

Get financially fit with these smartphone apps

Use these apps to save money and keep track of your finances.

If you’re struggling with how to manage your money on top of class, work, and the numerous other activities that make up daily life, your smartphone may be able to help. Download these apps to get organized, save money and start down the road of financial fitness:
1. Mint
You can sync your bank…

Students would keep their smartphone over a car, survey shows

Millennials would rather give up their car than their smartphone, a new study suggests.

A recent survey has revealed one big way Millennials are different from previous generations: Given the choice, they would rather get rid of their car than their smartphone or laptop. Members of the Millennial generation were born in the 1980s or 1990s.
According to a survey commissioned by…

What job seekers need to know about digital privacy

Follow these tips to protect your digital privacy as you begin your job search.

The interview process isn’t what it used to be. Before the proliferation of the internet, it was easy to separate your personal life from your professional one. But now, as college graduates prepare to enter the workforce, they have to worry about potential employers accessing their Facebook…

The best mobile apps for college students


As smartphones and tablets become more pervasive, college students are increasingly turning to technology to help them in their studies. While procrastination-aides like Angry Birds and Facebook may make an appearance on most students’ phones, downloading these helpful apps can actually…