College financing and flexibility options for single parents

There are plenty of resources available if you're looking to go back to school in order to get into the health care field.

For single parents, going to college is an integral part of building a better future for themselves and their children. In order to realize that dream, single parents may return to school to pursue an unfinished degree or pursue a profession that offers better financial opportunities than their…

What to do if you are having trouble with a patient

What should you do if you're having trouble with a patient?

As you begin your nursing career, you may notice from time to time that you’re given an assignment that you find tough to handle. This is particularly true if you are ever given a patient whose condition lies outside of your expertise. You certainly don’t want to tell your boss that you’re not…

Examining good and bad debt for college students

Learning the difference between good and bad debt is an important part of a college education.

One of the keys to paying for college, and your lifestyle during college, is to avoid taking on bad debt.
It is very likely that you will have to accrue some amount of debt while in school. However, in order to maximize the long-term advantages of your degree, whether it comes in medical billing…

Health care jobs outlook for 2014

Several health care professions were on a recent list of Top 50 jobs for 2014.

Between the aging baby boomer population and the millions of Americans who are expected to get health insurance through the Affordable Care Act, the health care industry should be one of the fastest-growing sectors of the economy in the coming years. In fact, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics…

Learning from and avoiding budgeting mistakes

Learn how to budget while you're in college so that the skill can serve you well later in life.

Budgeting is important in any stage of life, but for college students it takes on added meaning.
Most college students, or anyone who is at the stage in life where they are considering pursuing something like a medical assistant degree or getting dental assistant training, are short on cash, so…

A guide to jobs in the health care industry

The health care industry is one of the best to find a job in these days.

When it comes to finding a job in America these days, the going can sometimes be rough. Many industries aren’t hiring at all, or they are only taking on temporary and contract workers, and others are working their current employees harder than ever.
But as discouraging as those things might be…

Things college students should think about when planning a career

When it comes to deciding on a career, there are a lot of things to consider.

One of the most vexing problems facing many college students is deciding whether to follow their dreams or pursue a practical, often more financially rewarding, career path.1
Decisions, decisions
Someone in a medical assistant program, for instance, might be thinking about whether to take a job…