Why is your health insurance so expensive

Why is Your Health Insurance so Expensive

In 2010, the United Sates spent 2.6 trillion dollars on healthcare. That is equal to $8,402 per person and 18% of the total economy.

Guide to Understanding Your Health Insurance Options

Your Guide to Understanding Health Insurance

Looking at your medical bill can be like looking at an alien language. Health insurance comes in many different forms and with many different types of plans and benefits, so it’s important to understand how health insurance works in order to find the best plan for you and your family. Who…

Pros and cons of moving back in with your parents

There are both pros and cons to moving back in with your parents after college.

While it’s becoming more common for jobless college graduates to move back in with their parents after earning their degrees, even those who have been able to score entry-level positions in their fields of choice are entertaining the idea.
PRO: Save money
A huge reason why many college grads…

Inexpensive activities for a rainy day

If it looks like rain, use these inexpensive activities to occupy your time.

Rainy days can be a bit of a drag when all you want to do is be outside, but now that classes have ended for the semester you’ll be able to use that extra time to do something fun! After throwing on your rain boots and getting in some good puddle-splashing time like you did when you were a kid,…

Five tips for saving money when you travel

Use these tips to save money when you travel.

Summer vacation offers the perfect opportunity for college students to reward themselves for all the hard work they did this year by doing a bit of traveling. Unfortunately, being a college student almost guarantees that you’re on a tight budget, which can make travel of any kind a bit…

Seven ways to reuse your recyclables

There are plenty of creative ways you can reuse recyclable items.

Recycling is one thing, but dutifully reusing your paper cups, plastic bottles and aluminum cans takes it to a whole new level. Finding a new purpose for these items within your home can help you save the environment and money in the process! If you’re not sure where to start, check out these…

Starting salaries on the rise

Starting salaries for new college grads are improving.

Graduating seniors in the class of 2013 will have a distinct advantage in the job market over their 2012 peers: higher starting salaries.
According to a survey from the National Association of Colleges and Employers, college graduates entering the workforce this year will have an average…