6 Tips To Improve Your Financial Responsibility

Personal Budget

As a recent Carrington graduate, you know how important a good education and hard work are to your future, but are you aware of how important financial knowledge and responsibility are to your future success?
A lack of financial awareness can lead to financial challenges, including:


Medical Tax Deductions – An Untapped Advantage

Medical Tax Breaks Header

The healthcare sector is increasingly gaining attention as healthcare reform is rolling out and healthcare costs are at an all-time high. For example, for the average American family of four, health costs rose from $18,074 in 2010 to $22,030 in 2013, which amounts to a whopping 22% increase in…

Tax Season – 12 Ways To Offset Education Costs

Tax Season

Yawn…It’s tax season…but don’t click away because you should read this! As a college student, you should want to take advantage of every possible tax credit or deduction you can find to save some money. All this information, from the IRS website*, is designed to help you, but always seek…

Student Finance – What You Need to Know

Finance Department

The world of student finance can be complex, but it’s not something that our students have to tackle alone. Your campus has a Student Finance department on hand to help you navigate the system, offering guidance, plenty of information and as much help as you need. To try to give you a clearer…

College financing and flexibility options for single parents

There are plenty of resources available if you're looking to go back to school in order to get into the health care field.

For single parents, going to college is an integral part of building a better future for themselves and their children. In order to realize that dream, single parents may return to school to pursue an unfinished degree or pursue a profession that offers better financial opportunities than their…

Examining good and bad debt for college students

Learning the difference between good and bad debt is an important part of a college education.

One of the keys to paying for college, and your lifestyle during college, is to avoid taking on bad debt.
It is very likely that you will have to accrue some amount of debt while in school. However, in order to maximize the long-term advantages of your degree, whether it comes in medical billing…

Learning from and avoiding budgeting mistakes

Learn how to budget while you're in college so that the skill can serve you well later in life.

Budgeting is important in any stage of life, but for college students it takes on added meaning.
Most college students, or anyone who is at the stage in life where they are considering pursuing something like a medical assistant degree or getting dental assistant training, are short on cash, so…