Carrington College Registered Nursing[1] students demonstrate the proper technique for taking blood pressure.
You’ll need:

Blood pressure cuff

Ask your patient to hold their arm out so you can begin.

Place the blood pressure cuff around the brachial artery. The brachial artery…

Did you know about 610,000 people die of heart disease in the United States every year? It’s important to focus on your heart health throughout the year, but since February is Heart Month we wanted to share three things you should be doing to keep your heart in tip-top shape!
Know Your Risk…

Massage Therapy students at the Carrington College, Sacramento campus recently untangled the knotted, tight muscles of community members who truly needed a break this holiday season.
As part of River City Christian Church’s annual “Christmas Mall” gathering, Carrington students took part…

The holidays, hectic travel schedules, bad weather and sickness all make it difficult to donate blood during the winter. That’s why January is National Blood Donor Month – to encourage giving blood and boost the seasonal short supply. Here are some reasons why you might want to consider…

You’ve heard of blue and white collar jobs…but a pink collar job?

We know getting a shot isn’t on your top five…or ten…or 100 favorite list of things to do. But if one itty bitty shot can keep you from getting the flu all winter why wouldn’t you get one!

Luis never thought he’d graduate college, let alone be nominated to be a student speaker at Carrington College graduation.