Volunteer programs offer dental assistants chance to help their communities

Dental assistants have many opportunities to serve their communities outside the office.

Becoming a certified dental assistant can be about more than finding a great career, it also provides an opportunity to give back to your community through programs that offer free or reduced price services to veterans, low-income residents and children.
All across the country, partnerships…

5 Time-saving tips for dental assistants

Keeping organized can save you time throughout the day.

When you have a dental assistant career, no two days are alike. You’re responsible for a variety of duties – everything from patient care to record keeping and sterilizing instruments.1 Dental assistants have an integral role to play in making sure that the office runs smoothly, and that…

How to be a team player in a dental office

If you're going to be a dental assistant, you need to be a team player.

If you are considering a dental assistant career, it’s important to note that in addition to using the skills you learned during dental assistant school, you will need to be a team player when you begin working in an office. Dentists rely upon a strong team of professionals to help everything…

The Surprising Things Your Teeth Reveal About You

What do your teeth say about you

Sometimes we forget how much we reveal about ourselves when we smile. Not only do we communicate happiness or sociability, but we also convey a lot about our way of living.

Oklahoma dental assistants may need permits

Dental assistants in Oklahoma may soon be required to have permits.

While it’s true that dental assistants report to the dentists in whose offices they work, recent revelations in Oklahoma about the use of unsanitary equipment may soon lead to the Sooner State requiring all dental assistants to have permits.1
The office of Dr. W. Scott Harrington was found to…

Pediatric dental coverage to be expanded in California

Pediatric dental coverage is being expanded in California.

Covered California, the state’s marketplace for the Affordable Care Act, recently announced that seven insurers have signed up to offer small-group, child-only dental coverage as part of the health insurance marketplace.1
While the new plans are currently set for only the first year of the…

Dental Clinics Provide Students Practical Experience with Kids

Boise Dental Clinic

Halloween was just a couple of weeks ago and many of us still have some leftover candy sitting around. According to the Halloween Fun Facts infographic by the American Dental Association, for children, the largest amount of candy consumed is on or following Halloween.1
Since a balanced diet is…