My Starting Point – Chelsea Ruiz – Into My Core Classes

Chelsea Ruiz Giving Injection

Hello Carrington flock! Student blogger Chelsea Ruiz here again. I’m studying Medical Assisting at the Tucson campus and I’m passing on some of my experiences.
Last time I talked about the FA100 program and my teachers, so today I want to talk to you about a couple of things I learned in my…

Nursing home for dogs to open in Japan

Dog retirement homes might soon be the new norm.

The field of veterinary technology might soon see changes in the way elderly pets are cared for. The Japanese company Aeonpet Co., part of the larger Aeon supermarket chain, has announced it will officially be opening a retirement home for elderly dogs.1 The nursing facility hopes to address…

The truth about gluten


Lately, there’s been a lot of talk in both the health and culinary communities about gluten.  Though only 1 percent of the population suffers from celiac disease going gluten-free has become a new dietary craze, causing many people to give up bread, pasta, beer and mistakenly any other food…

My Starting Point – Chelsea Ruiz – FA100

FA100 Classmates in Tucson

Hi guys, it’s Chelsea checking in again. I started the Medical Assisting program at the Carrington College Tucson campus in March and I’m blogging about my experiences. As I write I’m now about 12 weeks into the program so if you missed my earlier posts, you can read them all here to catch…

Graduate Spotlight – Meet Kimberly Ziebold

Kimberly Ziebold

Kimberly enrolled on the Pharmacy Technology program at the Carrington College Boise, ID, campus in September. When we spoke in May, Kimberly was in her final module and preparing for her externship at a local hospital in Boise; assuming all goes well, she will complete the program after July…

My Starting Point – Mayra Ruiz Gallegos – The Power of Positivity

Mayra Ruiz Gallegos

Hello! I’ve just counted and this is my tenth blog since I started writing about my experiences on the Pharmacy Technology program at the Carrington Mesa campus. You can read all the others through this link if you want to start at the beginning – My Starting Point. Today, I wanted to talk a…

My Starting Point – Chelsea Ruiz – Build A Routine and Ask For Help

Excited For School

Hi guys, Chelsea Ruiz here again with blog post number four; if you’ve read the previous three you’ll know that I’m enrolled on the Medical Assisting program at the Carrington College Tucson campus.
Get A Routine & Ask Questions
Two of the biggest things to learn in your first few weeks at…