Future looks bright for nursing profession

Nursing is one of the most recession-proof jobs in the current economy.

As the Affordable Care Act continues its full rollout heading into 2014, the need for nurses is growing exponentially. That need, along with public awareness of the wealth of job opportunities available upon graduation, has led so many people to enter registered nursing programs across the…

5 traits needed to work in medical billing and coding

Cultivate these traits for a career in medical billing and coding.

Completing a medical coding program or medical billing program will give you important skills necessary to have a successful career in this field. However, there are other qualities you’ll need to cultivate if you’re going to be fully prepared to take on this rapidly growing career.1 In fact,…

Should you be a school nurse?

Are you considering a career as a school nurse?

Whenever kids become injured or start to feel unwell at school, they turn to the school nurse to help them feel better. Whether you’ve completed a practical nursing program or a registered nursing program, working as a school nurse can be rewarding if you want to combine your passions for health…

Healthy eating for the busy college student

Utilize your local grocery store to stick with a healthy diet.

One of the problems many college students run into is that between class, work, an active social life and, possibly, taking care of a family, they don’t have the time or energy to stick with a healthy diet.
College students are notorious for eating pizza and fast food and drinking sugary sodas….

Antibacterials are latest products to come under FDA scrutiny

It now appears that soap and water may be just as effective, if not more so, than antibacterial cleansers.

When you work in health care, no matter whether you’re a genetic researcher, certified medical assistant or a veterinary technician, in one way or another, you’re also a scientist.
Striving to improve patient outcomes is a constant exercise in using the scientific method – you observe,…

How to start a nurse mentoring program

Are you thinking about beginning a nurse mentoring program?

Throughout your nursing career, you will likely have many clinical instructors (also know as preceptors). Whenever you being a new job, take on a new specialty or a different role within the hospital, there will be someone to guide you through your new duties. However, having a mentor to inspire…

Organization tips for health care administrators

It's important to stay organized when you're a health care administrator.

If you’re thinking about a career as a health care administrator, it’s important that you have good organizational skills.1 Health care administrators are entrusted with the coordination of health and medical services. This encompasses a wide variety of duties, including creating work schedules,…