Obama administration releases report on ACA enrollment

According to a report released by the Obama administration, people 45 and older make up a majority of enrollees through the ACA.

Enrollment in the Affordable Care Act has been picking up swiftly throughout December and January, but contrary to expectations, more than half of the new enrollees are 45 or older, according to a report released by the Obama Administration on Jan. 13.1
Considering how much of an emphasis the…

FDA approves new drug in attempt to corral growing diabetes rates

Diabetes has several severe health consequences, including gangrene limbs.

Diabetes rates have been growing over the past three decades, as more people in the United States and around the world lead increasingly sedentary lifestyles and consume fattier foods.
Health professionals have been working diligently to reduce the instances of diabetes for quite awhile, but…

New developments in the fight against breast cancer

Recent advancements in breast cancers are making the disease easier to treat.

The fight against breast cancer is far from over, but there have been several recent developments that make better treatment, and even a cure, seem within reach.
Researchers across the United States are developing┬ámedicines and discovering techniques to treat and prevent breast cancer. In fact,…

Pharmaceutical technicians can be a part of changing the world

Some people in the pharmaceutical industry is playing an important role in making the world a better place.

One of the many reasons so many people choose to pursue a pharmacy technician degree is because it gives them a chance to make a positive contribution to society. While pharmaceutical companies often get a bad rap, certified pharmacy technicians are there to offer people who are suffering…

Examining good and bad debt for college students

Learning the difference between good and bad debt is an important part of a college education.

One of the keys to paying for college, and your lifestyle during college, is to avoid taking on bad debt.
It is very likely that you will have to accrue some amount of debt while in school. However, in order to maximize the long-term advantages of your degree, whether it comes in medical billing…

New technology helping to make dental visits a painless process

New technology is making a trip to  the dentist's office a much more enjoyable experience.

For years, the mere thought of going to the dentist has been a painful one, and nobody knows that better than the certified dental assistants who have to deal with those patients that come squirming into the dentist office. But now, with the help of new technology, much of the pain and anguish…

Learning from and avoiding budgeting mistakes

Learn how to budget while you're in college so that the skill can serve you well later in life.

Budgeting is important in any stage of life, but for college students it takes on added meaning.
Most college students, or anyone who is at the stage in life where they are considering pursuing something like a medical assistant degree or getting dental assistant training, are short on cash, so…