Genetically Modified Food (GMO) – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

GMO Pro's and Con's

The debate continues whether genetically modified organisms are out to save the world or destroy it. But the argument from either side is far from cut-an-dry. Lear the backstory on a few of the most pressing issues.

National Health Care IT Week to set agenda for the industry

Medical coding and billing were major topics during NHIT week.

Sept. 16-20 was National Health IT Week,1 and it provided an opportunity for government agencies, health care providers and information technology professionals to evaluate where they stand in the continuing effort to streamline the way technology is used to deliver medical care and…

Guide to Understanding Your Health Insurance Options

Your Guide to Understanding Health Insurance

Looking at your medical bill can be like looking at an alien language. Health insurance comes in many different forms and with many different types of plans and benefits, so it’s important to understand how health insurance works in order to find the best plan for you and your family. Who…

Massage helps patients manage pain

Massage Therapy Pain Management

Natural remedies for pain management are gaining popularity, and massage therapy is becoming an integral component of patient care as hospitals and medical providers look for ways to improve recovery time.
As an alternative form of medicine, massage therapy has a variety of benefits that common…

How to find a last-minute summer internship

Use these strategies to find a last-minute internship this summer.

Picture this scenario: The semester is ending and you have no plans for the summer. You’ve secured a part-time job, but really want to use this time to gain career experience. How can you find an internship at the last minute? While the situation is certainly difficult, it’s not impossible to…

Pros and cons of moving back in with your parents

There are both pros and cons to moving back in with your parents after college.

While it’s becoming more common for jobless college graduates to move back in with their parents after earning their degrees, even those who have been able to score entry-level positions in their fields of choice are entertaining the idea.
PRO: Save money
A huge reason why many college grads…

Five tips for saving money when you travel

Use these tips to save money when you travel.

Summer vacation offers the perfect opportunity for college students to reward themselves for all the hard work they did this year by doing a bit of traveling. Unfortunately, being a college student almost guarantees that you’re on a tight budget, which can make travel of any kind a bit…