Save Money while Saving the Environment

Save Money Save Environment

When companies often charge substantially more for green and organic products, sometimes it feels like the whole green environmentalist movement was a plot to bring in more revenue. And with insurance payments, hospital bills, or children to take care of, spending those extra dollars to go green…

Celebrate Constitution Day with Carrington

Constitution Day

On September 17th, 1787 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 39 delegates of the Constitutional Convention gathered to sign the Constitution of the United States of America. The Constitution served as the foundation for the governing of our nation and a model for other democratic governments in the…

Gas Station Pump Safety

Gas Pump

After the March 2013 scare that led news analysts to entertain the possibility of gas prices reaching $4.00/gallon nationwide, many of you may have considered the question – how can I ease the pain of filling up my car? Unfortunately, a trip to the gas station can be painful in more ways…

Shark Week Stances

Student Roxanne Wonderwoman Pose

Sunday, August 12th, marked the final day of a week-long event that people around the world look forward to every year – in fact, it even has a countdown website! Along with our nation’s Independence Day, Father’s Day, and Flag Day, Shark Week has become a staple of the summer season….