4 Exciting jobs in criminal justice

There are many exciting career paths in criminal justice.If you’re thinking about a career in criminal justice, you may be under the impression that your only option is becoming a police officer, but that’s not the case! While being an officer can be exciting, there are tons of unique career paths you can choose from.

Crime scene investigator

You didn’t think CSI was just a show, did you? Crime scene investigators, also known as forensic science technicians, help investigate crimes by collecting and examining evidence. When a crime occurs, you would be on the scene taking photos, drawing sketches and cataloging and preserving evidence to later be analyzed in a laboratory. You may need to be willing to be on call during abnormal business hours and willing to work under potentially stressful conditions.1

Corrections officer

If the thought of overseeing inmates sounds intriguing, you may be well-suited for a career as a corrections officer. Corrections officers are responsible for enforcing rules and keeping order, as well as supervising the activity of inmates awaiting trial and helping with the rehabilitation or counseling of offenders. As a corrections officer, you will play an important role in maintaining security and ensuring that the jail or prison is up to standards.2

Private security officer

Many public officials – from celebrities to politicians – need protection, and that’s where private security officers come in. Although duties will vary depending on whom you work for, in general the main job of a private security officer is to protect his or her employer. This can be a great career for someone looking for more flexibility, because private security officers are generally contract employees.3

Private investigator

You won’t have to don a fedora, but you will have to use your skills to solve crimes. Private investigators are hired by individuals to find facts and analyze information. Your job description may include everything from doing background checks to finding missing persons.4

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