“Whose side are you on, anyways?” See what the difference is between a defense and prosecuting attorney, from job description, education, salary, recommended caseload and famous examples of each.

click image to enlargeDefense vs Prosecution

VIA: Carrington’s Online Paralegal Program

  • Ziko

    I also graduated from the National Center for Paralegal Training (1998) and have been working in the field since that time. Wow! I would love to network with you and share and learn from each of our experiences in this profession. Thanks for being a role model!!! I think this is great!

  • Kearney, Campbell & Burns

    Love this infographic, it is a very good way to quickly show the differences in defense and prosecution attorneys for students.

  • Darla King

    The infographic is been an eye opener truly! One of my cousins is practicing criminal defence law at The Defence Group at Oakville. I happened to learn some of these basics already from him. But, I really feel, that expressing facts in an infographic is a better form of communication for the mind. I’m a science grad and most of the terms here are new to me. I found this blog while searching for Law universities and colleges for my younger sister. I think I’ll show her this blog. I’m sure she’s going to find it informative and realize that she’s got way to go!

  • Michael S

    This is a good infographic showing the differences between defense (which I read a lot about here: http://www.criminaldefensesandiegoattorney.com/what-is-criminal-defense/ ) and prosecuting attorneys. It would be interesting to see how judges and their decisions might be incorporated into such an infographic?